Interactive communication (pt 2)


Key condition: Time

I often work with demanding, complex brands, products and issues characterized by many interwoven layers of information that may essentially be impossible to do justice in a shorter, more condensed format, such as for instance a banner campaign or a microsite. These issues pose great demands on both sender and recipient in order to establish successful communication.

It is therefore critical to first and foremost phrase the message and its associated issues and problems in a distinct and comprehensive way, but it is equally important to ensure that the presentation of the complex issue in question is given the time it requires to sink in.

I therefore consider time to be a key condition.

If the recipient is to attain a clear and strong understanding of complex issues, and really understand in what way they are relevant to him or her, you simply must create a communicative framework in which the recipient is motivated enough to spend more time with the message than what is normally the case in traditional marketing.

An excellent way of accomplishing this is to create a strong dramaturgical framework to support the subject in question, where a coherent story can help pull the recipient through the whole message from start to finish, and thus keep the recipient stimulated over a longer period of time.

Tomorrow: Part 3. Involvement

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