Interactive communication (pt 3)


Key condition: interaction

Without a pre-existing interest or commitment, it is difficult to reach out to a target audience and actually influence it. The Internet today is a mass medium and becomes an increasingly mundane and omnipresent phenomenon, where multitudes of messages struggle to make themselves heard.

To permanently change people’s perceptions of issues that may be complex or perhaps even of lesser interest to the target audience, a sender must be able to continuously penetrate the attention of the target audience and successively make the message more urgent to them.

Therefore, iteration through continuous interaction is a key condition. To ensure continuous engagement on the Internet, and attract a target audience to make repeat visits, you as a sender must make yourself accessible for interaction with the target audience. One-way-communication is simply not sufficient.

Forms of communication that allow for a high degree of repetitive interaction are found in games and social media. Games in the sense that they create stickiness, i e an experience that the recipient constantly wants more of. Social media because it provides a platform for the recipient where he or she can make themselves heard, which in turn results in long-term engagement.

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