Interactive communication (pt 1)


Key condition: Identification

Motivation is a key issue for all forms of communication. Lack of interest creates a gap between sender and recipient, which means that concrete communicative results can be difficult to achieve.

Therefore, a sender must pay special attention to how to make their message more appealing and urgent to the recipient, so that the gap between sender and recipient may be bridged.

A critical condition to achieve this is that the recipient be given some form of possibility to identify with the message. This is something that is often overlooked in modern communication, especially on the Internet. There are many forms of useful information and functionality, but a human presence and genuine understanding forthe recipient’s situation is often lacking. This of course makes it more difficult for the recipient to assimilate the information.

It has been my experience that great results can be achieved in getting a recipient to take in a message by enabling identification, i e to work towards using people or characters as bearers of complex messages, and thus allow the recipient to get in a relevant, constructive mindset.

Only when the message reaches the recipient on a personal level can the recipient make the information their own.

Tomorrow: Part 2. Understanding

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