Interactive communication

One-on-one customer interaction must be considered critical for all types of businesses, in order to engage with the customer, create new opportunities, and capitalize on them.


Interactive communication is a very suitable tool for this purpose, in that it creates a dialogue between sender and recipient, which in turn closes the gap between communication and actual transaction, and creates clear ROI on marketing investments. Interactivity also paves the way for increased brand awareness and customer loyalty, and lays a foundation for strong, sustainable long-term customer relations. This way, interactivity helps marketing in achieving concrete sales effects that are clearly visible on the bottom line.

My work with interactive communication circles around three key issues; issues that I consider paramount to all successful communication on the Internet. 

  1. Motivation 
  2. Understanding 
  3. Participation 

I will expand on the reasoning behind these key issues over the next few days, and also try to identify key conditions that must be met to in order to successfully reach a targeted audience.

Tomorrow: Part 1. Motivation

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