Branding and corporate identity (pt 5)

3. Corporate identity design process

To set a brand development or brand refreshment program off on the right footing, I usually work with the following steps:


a Research
I study all brand-, corporate culture- and business strategy-related materials the client provides me with.

b Competitor analysis
I study and analyse all relevant competitors and their brands, based on the clients selection and input.

c Moodboard
I create an interactive so-called “moodboard” for the client, which the client then works with and makes a number of visual and image-related choices that the design work will be based on. A demo of this interactive moodboard can be found here:

a Analysis
I compile the information given by the client under 1 above in a brief analysis, where the a suitable, available position on the market is narrowed down which defines the brand in contrast to the main competitors.

b Concept
I author a description of which rational and emotional communicative features are the most crucial for the client’s position and brand, and then recommend a communicative concept that expresses this.

c Style
I describe verbally a suitable style, i e a visual expression, that suits the concept.


a Verbal parameters
I assemble a number of words and/or expressions that I believe would be positively associative to the client’s business and that could be used as verbal “building blocks” to create a name. Most commmonly, this would be a unique “nonsense word” that the client can charge over time with a certain meaning, but it could also be a variation on an already existing term or phrase that has preexisting associations built-in.

b Name suggestions
I create a number of suggested names based on the parameters above, that the client can evaluate and select a shortlist of suitable names.

c Name research
I research the availability of trademarks and domain names of the names in the shortlist.

d Name selection
I help the client select the name that works the best and is also available.

e Domain name registration
I assist the client in registering the relevant domain name(s).


a Typeface, colors
I initiate the design process by choosing a number of suitable typefaces and color combinations and seek the client’s approval on these.

b Outline 
I develop a number of design outlines and logo suggestions.

c Design
Based on the client’s input and choice, I select and develop one visual alternative.

d Development
This preferred alternative is developed and refined in dialogue with the client, until a finalized result is arrived at.


a Logotype
I produce a final digital design (usually in vector format) and develop different size- and color versions for various purposes and channels (print, screen etc).

b Print files
I produce printable logo files for the units requested by the client (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, stickers, signs etc).

c Print
I request printing quotes for the units chosen and, if requested, manage the printing process on behalf of the client.


a Corporate ID styleguide
I compile a simple, brief guide to how  the logotype, colors and typefaces are to be used.

b Template documents
I produce template documents in for example MS Word, MS PowerPoint or e-mail, that the client requires.

c Training
If so required, I assist the client in implementing the brand by training key staff members on how to work with the corporate ID.

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